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MHApp is like an interactive MH-emergency poster available for your iPad or iPhone in case of a real crisis but also a great teaching tool.  The app includes weight-adjusted dose recommendations for the treatment of acidosis, hyperkalemia and dosing of dantrolene.


Events checklist app

Pediatric Critical Events Checklist

Pediatric Critical Events Checklist is a compendium of crisis checklists for consultation in the pediatric OR at the first hint of trouble.  Each checklist starts by summarizing the problem it addresses, and then lists relevant factors to consider along with possible steps to take in the event of that particular emergency.  The checklists include drugs, treatments, and a weight-based dosage calculator.




AnaPaed allows you to put the weight and age of your patient into the app and it automatically calculates drug doses (in mg and ml), tube sizes, regional anesthesia doses, and maximal blood loss. Drug selection is especially for pediatric anesthesia, but might fit your needs for emergency pediatric care or intensive care.




Pediatric Anesthesiology Review Topics (PART)

PART is intended to be a comprehensive but concise review of the basic science, clinical medicine, and anesthetic implications of diseases relevant to the pediatric anesthesia provider or other healthcare professionals caring for children in the preoperative setting.

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