Important Corrections

When Really Smart ReadersTM contact me with important corrections that have not yet made it into subsequent revisions of the books, I will list them in this section of the website.

The first Important Correction comes from RSR Daniel Roke, from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN. He wanted to make sure I corrected a typo in Chapter 14 on the Maximal Allowable Blood Loss. The formula and accompanying text should read:

In children without preoperative anemia, intraoperative red cell administration is often based on attainment of the maximum allowable blood loss (MABL):




where Ho is the child’s original hematocrit, H1 is the lowest acceptable hematocrit, and HAV is the average hematocrit, (Ho + H1)/2.

If you click that hyperlink at the end, you will download Jeff Gross’s article from 1983 where he describes the rationale for using the average hematocrit (not the starting hematocrit) in the denominator of the equation.

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