Chapter 14 References

The Maintenance Need for Water in Parenteral Fluid Therapy

Glucose Concentrations for Routine Intravenous Infusion in Pediatric Outpatient Surgery.

Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Hyponatremia: Do We Have the Answers?

Perioperative Crystalloid and Colloid Fluid Management in Children: Where Are We and How Did We Get Here?

Comparison of the hemostatic effects of fresh whole blood, stored whole blood, and components after open heart surgery in children.

Estimating Allowable Blood Loss: Corrected for Dilution.

Red blood cell storage and avoiding hyperkalemia from transfusions to neonates and infants

Transfusion Guidelines for Neonates and Older Children

Changes in serial platelet counts following massive blood transfusion in pediatric patients.

Standardization of thromboelastography: a report from the TEG-ROTEM working group.

Reference values for kaolin-activated thromboelastography in healthy children.

Current and emerging infectious risks of blood transfusions.

Management of transfusion‐related acute lung injury with extracorporeal cardiopulmonary support in a four‐year‐old child

Transfusion-related acute lung injury: a clinical review

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