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Whenever I give a lecture at a conference or Grand Rounds, I see people in the audience taking photos of the slides on their smartphones. No one should have to do that and sacrifice listening to the lecture. So, on this page, I’ll provide links to all my lectures and any other education materials I present at the lectures. Feedback always welcome of course…enjoy!

From the RYR-1 Foundation Family Conference, July 24, 2016

From the 21st Annual Advances in Physiology and Pharmacology in Anesthesia and Critical Care, presented by Wake Forest School of Medicine

Malpractice Cases: Lessons from an Expert Witness in Pediatric Anesthesia (audio)


FireShot Screen Capture #004 - 'SPA-AAP Pediatric Anesthesiology 2016' - www2_pedsanesthesia_org_meetings_2016winter_guide

SPA 2016 Making Connections 4.2.16

Here’s an audio recording of my lecture at the 2014 PGA: “Malignant Hyperthermia: Hot off the Press”:

and here are the slides to go with that recording so you can follow along….Litman MH_ PGA 2014_1

December 12, 2015, PGA, NYC: MH Susceptibility: Who Really Needs a Non-triggering Technique? (It’s almost 24 mb so give it a chance to download.  PGA 2015

2015 PGA Lecture Holiday Movie:

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