Chapter 1. Transition from Fetal to Pediatric Circulation

  1. J. Grady Crosland, M.D.

    I am perplexed by your apology to Kansas on page 3 in your desire to include a little humor in this wonderful textbook.
    You state “evolutionary forces” have “designed” … Evolutionary forces, by definition, are random, and therefore cannot be part of a design. The statement is, as the philosophers would put it, self-referentially absurd. You have actually made the case for the “Kansans” for Intelligent Design, easily a euphemism for a deity, which is all they want you to acknowledge.
    Keep up the entertaining good work!

  2. Dr. Crosland – great comment – thanks! You’re right, obviously can’t be designed – I will change it in the next iterations of the books and will crown you a “Really Smart Reader”. Many thanks, Ron

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