How was the Big Exam?

So…for a few days this week the CHOP OR hallways were filled with the recountings (and often trashings) of the new Pediatric Anesthesia Board Exam experience. Various faculty members were heard asking…”What did you put for that question on pyloric stenosis?” Answer: “Which one of the twelve questions on pyloric stenosis do you mean??!!” Invariably, answers were different. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to take the exam (I, um, forgot to sign up), but I heard that it would be beneficial if you were a pediatric endocrinologist, or a specialist in anesthesia for fetal surgery. So help me – what should I study for next year? Which books, review courses, etc. were actually helpful? Was my book useful? What should I add in the 2014 update (besides adrenogenital syndrome) that would be helpful?

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